I’m probably not (at least I hope not) the first to advance this notion, but I think we should abandon the use of the outdated, outmoded, primitive numbering system called Roman numerals.

For example, when we look at dates inscribed on the cornerstones of old buildings, we do not immediately know when they were built. Nor would we know exactly who won the MMXIV World Series, even though it was just last year. Roman numerals are OK when confined to small numbers (I, II, III) but quickly get unintelligible when they are used to represent larger numbers.

Suppose the Romans had chosen to use the letter “A” instead of the letter “I” to represent the number “1”. Had they done that, we would now be talking about Super Bowl XLAX.

Admit it now, when you just read that, you pronounced it as a word. We see Roman numerals as letters, not numbers.

Russell Frank