A Gorham high-tech manufacturer has received a $2.6 million contract to supply components for a facility being built to research rare isotopes.

MEGA Industries was awarded the contract for the facility being built at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, as part of a program funded by the nuclear physics arm of the Department of Energy, according to a news release from Anania & Associates Investment Co., an equity investor in MEGA Industries.

MEGA’s role will include the manufacturing of precision linear accelerator radio frequency components for the program.

The facility will be the largest nuclear research project in North America when finished in 2022 and will support the global study of rare isotopes. The research is expected to pave the way to more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases.

“MEGA received the award after a merit-based review and competitive bidding process,” said Peter Matthews, CEO of MEGA, in the release. “The award builds upon recent momentum here at MEGA and opens the doors for future contracts.”

This story was updated at 10:45, Feb. 4, to correct the year of completion for the research center.

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