Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree has been a strong opponent of wars in the Mideast, speaking out against the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq from the time they started.

“The President’s proposal is too vague in a number of ways,” Pingree said in a statement Wednesday night. “It isn’t limited to specific countries and it doesn’t adequately limit who can be the target of U.S. military action.”

Pingree said she remains open-minded, but “I go into (the debate) deeply skeptical of increasing the level of military involvement in the region. … I am concerned that another open-ended military engagement in the Mideast will only lead to the next generation of terrorism and extremism.”

Republican Sen. Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that she looks forward to a “robust debate in Congress regarding this vital national security matter” but she will withhold judgment on the president’s authorization until the debate occurs.

•As our nation takes a strong stand against terrorist attacks, it is worth repeating that the long-term strategy to defeat ISIL must involve our Middle East allies acting as full partners in the anti-ISIL coalition,” Collins said.

Independent Sen. Angus King, a member of the Senate Armed Serves and Intelligence committees, said in a statement that “ISIL is an aggressive, destructive threat that jeopardizes not only our allies and partners in the region, but Americans at home and abroad.”

King said he is concerned over wording in the president’s authorization request that says it “does not authorize … enduring offensive ground combat operations.” King said Congress must be specific in defining what that means before authorizing the use of military force.

Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin said he will withhold judgment on the president’s request until he sees more details, adding, “With the recent death of Kayla Mueller, we are reminded that ISIL knows no bounds. We must work to protect all Americans, at home and abroad.”

Mueller was an American aid worker who was captured by Islamic State militants in Syria in 2013. Her death was confirmed this week.

– Staff Writer Dennis Hoey