Here’s my response to Gov. LePage and the other Republican governors (and their lavishly paid strategists) around the country who claim that their economic plan is going to result in “prosperity” for all:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What a load of baloney. It’s 2015 and we’re still waiting for “trickle-down” economics to bring the prosperity that Ronald Reagan and his supply-siders promised.

Meanwhile, we’re still recovering from Reagan disciple George W. Bush’s own trickle-down economics, which shot the economy full of holes and led to the Great Recession. And who’s successfully digging us out? Of course – a Democratic president.

Republicans can repackage their economic snake oil as “prosperity” all they want, but the only people who are going to buy in to it are the ones who have been living under a rock since, oh, 1981.

The words “Republican” and “prosperity” should never appear in the same sentence except during a routine at a comedy club.

Bill Harnsberger