Feb. 21, 1990

Bob Meggison of Seavey Street, Westbrook, had not thought about taking a bath on Monday night. And if he had, it most certainly would not have been in the frigid waters of Little Sebago Lake. Meggison and a group of Westbrook snowmobilers set out on Presidents Day for a nighttime ride. In the lead, Meggison shot across the ice on his machine, not realizing that the black hole ahead was open water. When he did realize, knowing it was too late to stop, Meggison accelerated, hoping to skim across the fissure and come out on the other side. But he and his machine slipped into 12 feet of water. Fortunately, though his sled plummeted to the bottom, Meggison was able to find something to stand on, a shelf or a rock, bringing the water level to his waist. Another rider, Denise Wescott, jumped from her machine and alerted the other riders, who pulled Meggison from the water and took him to a nearby camp. He suffered no physical injury.

Cable TV is on its way to Westbrook’s City Council chambers with equipment to be paid for by Public Cable. The first use of that money will be a $5,000 unit that will permit the mayor’s office to produce printed notices on a community bulletin board on cable. Under study and expected to materialize soon are other pieces of equipment to permit cable casting City Council meetings and events held in the council chambers.

Timothy McCormack, Gorham’s newly named superintendent of schools, says he sees a need for educators to begin discussion of alternatives to funding education through property taxes. He also contents that educators need to take another look at the whole educational process and build consensus for changes. The Gorham School Committee announced Wednesday that it would nominate McCormack for the superintendent’s post on Feb. 26. He will begin the job July 1, replacing Constance Goldman. McCormack, who lives with his wife and family in Gorham, is currently assistant superintendent in Auburn. He will be paid $62,000 a year.

Westbrook Vocational students will be building a new concession stand and announcing booth for Olmsted Field, using state grant money. The School Committee voted Wednesday to accept the $2,000 Public Service Grant, awarded for a project that allows high school vocational students to use their skills for the community. The grant will require $3,000 in matching funds from Westbrook. Though it will be called the Snack Shack, the new stand will be a 16-by-24-foot building with two stories. The entire project will be designed and built by students.

Christy Carmichael, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David D. Carmichael (Heidi Pierce), Bridgton Road, Westbrook, was the winner of the Little Miss Cumberland County pageant, and also was chosen as best dressed. She won a bracelet from Day’s, money, a camera and a stuffed animal. She is 11 years old and is a Grade 6 at Wescott Junior High School. Her sister, Laura, 5, was winner of Little Miss Westbrook.

Feb. 23, 2000

When Gorham makes major changes to the intersection at routes 25 and 237 and constructs a new road from there to the industrial park, the Town Council wants the businesses and industry in the area to help foot the bill. The help would come by assessing an impact fee. The job for the council at present is to come up with a rationale and method for assessing the fees. A few towns in Maine charge impact fees for transportation and other improvements, said Town Manager David Cole, who also said, “They are used a lot in other states.”

More students from Raymond will be attending Westbrook schools this fall, Westbrook Superintendent Stan Sawyer told the School Committee Feb. 9. Twenty-five students have signed up to attend the seventh grade at Wescott Junior High School next year. Typically, Sawyer said, Wescott gets only six or seven new Raymond students a year. Westbrook will get $5,433 in state tuition money for each new students. Sawyer said he also said the added enrollment will increase Westbrook’s chance of getting state school construction aid for an expansion and renovation project at the junior high.

The proposed Lady’s Slipper Subdivision, off routes 22 and 114 in both Scarborough and Gorham, received preliminary approval from the Gorham Planning Board Feb. 7. The Scarborough Planning Board gave preliminary approval Feb. 14. The plan is for a four-lot subdivision. The proposed subdivision includes two previously developed lots, including one on which sits the home owned by Randall and Sherri Libby, who are proposing the subdivision. Issues at the site are traffic on Route 22 at Lady Slipper Way and potential water contamination from a nearby former industrial site.

Celtic musicians Jane Wilcox Hively and Jonathan Hively will help string and pipe away the winter blahs in the first performance of the Cabin Fever Concert Series March 5 in the North Gorham Church sanctuary. The Hivelys are well know in and around the Mount Washington Valley. Jonathan plays the Celtic pipes and Jane plays the Celtic harp.

After a study of just over two months, a seven-member committee recommended Thursday that Westbrook build a combined police-fire-rescue center at a site to be chosen. The citizens’ committee worked with reports previously developed by city staff members. The new center would replace the police station, the rescue center next to it, Central Fire Station and the Mechanic Street Fire Station. It would cost a maximum of $8.3 million, the report suggests.

Demolition of the old Star Theater, located on Main Street at Central Street, came as a result of the urban renewal program, which also closed off Central Street between Main Street and William Clarke Drive. Martini Lane presently occupies the site of theold theater. To see more historical photos and artifacts, visit the Westbrook Historical Society at the Fred C. Wescott Building, 426 Bridge St. It is open Tuesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m.-noon, and the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m., September-June. Inquiries can be emailed to [email protected] The website is www.westbrookhistoricalsociety.org.Photo and research courtesy of Mike Sanphy

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