In the Feb. 16 paper, the letter to the editor by Dorothy Tweer titled “Pope’s statements about parenting inspire dismay” caught my eye.

In her letter, Ms. Tweer states that as a girl of 14, she stopped believing in God because it made no sense to her to continue to do so. She complains about God being a man and not human.

In reality, God is neither. God is spirit. He is given human characteristics so we can understand Him better.

Ms. Tweer complains about continually praying but not having her prayers answered. What should she expect from a God she doesn’t believe in? Maybe if she came back to faith in God, her prayers would be answered.

As for the pope: As a Baptist, I don’t believe in all the “powers” men in that position are supposed to have. They are fallible, just like all men are.

Maybe it is time for Ms. Tweer to fold up her thin prayer rug and come back to church and reconnect with the God she has left.

Dr. Frederick H. Giese, Th.M., Min.D.

Lisbon Falls