I was astonished to read the discussion in the Portland Press Herald concerning the use of homeless shelters by several individuals who had significant amounts of money in their bank accounts (“City knew of shelter users’ big bank accounts,” Feb. 25).

That this is being used as a reason to cut General Assistance funding to the city of Portland seems bizarre. The more rational conclusion would be that these people are extremely dysfunctional and need more help, not less. Our programs for the mentally ill and those suffering from substance abuse have not been adequate to help these individuals.

We are failing to rehabilitate those who might become productive members of society. Is this not the goal of assistance programs?

This administration has repeatedly promoted policies that benefit our more affluent citizens and increase the burdens of those citizens who are less fortunate. Cutting the income tax, increasing the sales tax and cutting revenue sharing will all impact the poor more than the wealthy.

This latest ploy is especially disturbing. Would the governor have these people freeze on the streets?

Nancy Barber