A Yarmouth developer who in January purchased the sand pit on Sligo Road wants to build two dozen homes on the site and preserve the pit as a public park.

Matt Teare, of Sligo Road Associates LLC, said that he will hold a public meeting March 18 to hear from neighbors who are worried about traffic if the developer is allowed to extend Deacon Road from Newall Road to Sligo Road.

Some residents have expressed support for parts of the plan, but “the main concern so far is the connector road,” Teare said.

Teare submitted plans to the town in February to build 26 homes that will range in size from roughly 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet on the 36-acre site. The town will ultimately decide whether the road should be built, but Teare said he will present to the community some possible compromises, such as connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists only.

In addition to the connector, a second, smaller cul-de-sac is also planned, he said. House lots in the neighborhood will be under one acre, he said.

The sand pit, at about eight acres, will be preserved as a park so that the community can continue to use it for dog-walking, sledding and ice-skating in the winter, when small ponds there freeze over. There is also a network of trails around the site, and Teare said his group will likely help enhance them before construction is completed, he said.

“I’m thinking close to half the site will be preserved open,” Teare said.

The March 18 meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at Yarmouth’s Log Cabin.