For 20 years, I’ve been attending the Portland Flower Show. As always, I looked forward to the show, especially this year after the long, cold, snowy winter we all had to endure.

At the entrance to the parking lot, I was told it would cost $20 to park and that they had no handicapped parking.

Back in 1981, I injured my foot in a head-on collision. I cannot walk long distances without pain. When I questioned the attendant about the lack of handicapped parking, he told me there was a new owner of the building and that was the reason.

My sister was with me, and she offered to pay the $10 to park in the other parking lot further away.

After paying $13 for a senior advance ticket and then being asked to pay another $20 for parking, I wonder if I’ll be attending the show next year.

I thought it was a law to have some handicapped parking available.

Judith H. Moody