Biddeford Mayor Alan Casavant has nominated a local accountant to replace a city councilor who resigned in the middle of a February meeting.

The City Council is expected to vote March 17 on Casavant’s nomination of Stephen St. Cyr to represent Ward 3. If approved, St. Cyr would serve the remainder of Brad Cote’s term, which expires in December.

Cote resigned in the middle of a meeting after the council voted to fund a tree-trimming project at the airport and rejected his attempt to fund an impact study about the city-owned facility. He said the votes marked a breaking point after months of frustration about how the council makes decisions.

Casavant said he decided to nominate St. Cyr after speaking with about a dozen residents of Ward 3. He said he wanted to choose someone who would “mesh well” with the current council and be able to immediately jump into the municipal budget process.

“Steve was interesting to me because he’s a new face in terms of local politics,” Casavant said. “He’s an accountant. I believe this is going to be a tough budget, so it will be good to have someone who has a good grasp of budgeting and numbers.”

St. Cyr, owner of Stephen St. Cyr & Associates, has not run for elected office in Biddeford. He is the treasurer of the Biddeford-Saco Chamber of Commerce and Industry board of directors.

If confirmed by the council at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting, St. Cyr will be sworn in immediately so he can participate in the rest of the meeting.