Ever since they owned the Pownal cafe and sandwich shop they call Edna and Lucy’s six years ago, co-owners Sabrina Warner and Steph Dexter have made space available to a “featured artist” for six weeks. The artist is almost always local, as is the case with the current artist, Annette Fox of Durham, and the upcoming guest, photographer Roddy Perrier of Pownal.

The artists put their work up for display and/or sale at the cozy eatery at 407 Hallowell Road.

“It’s a nice venue for all of the artists,” Warner said. “They do sell a lot of their work here, which is pretty astounding for a little place in Pownal.”

Fox has had 13 paintings hanging on Edna and Lucy’s walls since mid-February, and her six weeks is up on March 28.

Fox is a retired art teacher who moved to Pownal from Long Island eight years ago. She has had a good experience displaying her art at Edna and Lucy’s.

“I’ve been pretty successful there,” Fox said. “It’s very pleasant.”

Fox said she began working as an illustrator in 1968, while working for a health department in New York City.

“They used carved shapes as exhibits,” she said. “It just took off from there.”

Fox carves a form out of a foam board, and paints acrylic over it.

“It’s dimensional bar relief,” she said. “You can feel it. It’s better seen in person.”

Fox paints a lot of nature-based objects and likes spiritual themes. She often takes photographs and goes from there.

“You see different shapes through a camera lens,” she said. “It’s kind of random.”

Fox’s husband, Larry, makes the wooden frames for her paintings. Smaller paintings usually go for around $150, while larger ones can sell for up to $500, she said.

“I work at my leisure out of my home,” Fox said. “But I can do a painting at someone’s request.”

Annette Fox of Durham stands in front of one of the paintings she has on display at Edna and Lucy’s, 407 Hallowell Road in Pownal. Courtesy photo

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