Paul LePage’s “pathway to prosperity” should be understood for what it truly is: prosperity for the currently prosperous and not for the hardworking middle class, which is the backbone that sustains this state as well as the nation.

His affiliation with the Maine Heritage Policy Center, whose ultimate goal is to keep the rich richer, is proof of this. His prosperity policy is a smokescreen for the commercial exploitation of the middle class, who, sadly, will wind up footing the bill of feeding the greedy.

Until we stamp big money out of politics, these power plays will continue to be detrimental to our democracy on a state and national level. Some politicians are not capable of empathizing with the average “Joe,” as money, power and profits are ultimately the nuts and bolts of their worldviews.

Gov. LePage often claims he’s not a politician. Only a politician would claim he’s not a politician.

He once pledged never to raise taxes, and now he is proposing to increase the sales tax. If we allow him to lead us down this path, we will definitely see increases in our property taxes.

He is dumping a bucket of wet lies onto our backs and telling us that it’s only raining.

George Roy