Re: “Our View: Collins, King right to stay away from Iran letter” (March 14):

I agree that the people of Maine should be pleased that our U.S. senators were not involved with writing or signing the 47 Republican senators’ letter to Iran, but to call it “something to be proud of” – really?

“I’m proud of you” should be reserved for achievements, e.g., I’m proud of Sen. Susan Collins for co-sponsoring legislation to repeal “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.”

I expect U.S. senators to know that international laws apply to international negotiations.

I expect U.S. senators to realize that Congress will have the opportunity to review and vote on a deal, as soon as one is reached.

I expect U.S. senators to understand that writing to the leaders of a foreign nation warning them against negotiating with the U.S. president undermines U.S. credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world and compromises our ability to pursue our international interests.

I expect U.S. senators to appreciate the nuances of our fragile coalition with Iran in the current fight against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

I expect U.S. senators to represent us with honor and integrity.

And when they make mistakes, I expect U.S. senators to own up to it and do whatever they need to do to repair the damage.

I am not proud of Sen. Collins for “not … add(ing) her name to the letter.” I didn’t expect that she’d add her name to a letter so egregious and dishonorable.

I am disappointed, however, that you have set such a low bar for U.S. senators, especially ours.