Our View: Happy result comes from ugly process in 133rd flap,” the March 29 editorial, missed the point and the real concerns in this issue.

First, Gov. LePage is the one who appointed Brig. Gen. James Campbell to lead the Guard here in July 2012.

Campbell claims that he met regularly with Gov. LePage and that the governor knew all about the planned swap for Guard units. LePage reacted only when shown the emails describing the plan and how it should be kept secret. Perhaps he never got to play with toy soldiers as a child?

“We may never know who’s telling the truth,” the editorial stated, and that is the problem. Just because LePage claimed the move is a “dead issue” does not make this “a happy outcome for Maine.”

The newly appointed (by LePage) Guard adjutant general, Brig. Gen. Gerard Bolduc, states: “I want the citizens of Maine to know that the Maine National Guard, despite any changes, will remain trained and fully prepared to respond to any of the state and nation’s needs.”

Sounds to me like changes are still in the works. Please keep us informed.

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