“Survivor” fans of Gorham’s Dan Foley cheered as he survived the April 8 episode of the TV show, but since the show aired, he’s been jeered, as well.

Foley last week narrowly survived being voted off the reality CBS show by fellow contestants.

“I live another week,” Foley told his followers at a viewing party at Thatcher’s Restaurant in South Portland.

Foley, 47, a postal technician, is a member of the Merica Tribe, and going into this week’s episode, was one of 10 remaining contestants seeking the $1 million first prize to be awarded to the sole “Survivor.”

The goal is not to be voted off. Contestants match skill with cunning to stay on the show. This week’s ninth episode aired on WGME TV 13 at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, after the American Journal deadline.

“The majority of those that had him on the chopping block are gone,” Walter Selens of Gorham said during last week’s viewing party.

The show was filmed last summer in Nicaragua. Foley started as a member of the blue-collar Escameca Tribe that faced challenges from the white-collar Mayasa Tribe and the no-collar Nagarote Tribe. The tribes have been reduced to one and the number of participants has dwindled from 18 in episode 1.

Following last week’s episode, critics were gunning for Foley because of his remarks like, “Can’t do basic math,” spoken to a woman on the show. Foley is taking a beating in online postings for another comment he made on the show that a woman contestant should be slapped. Foley has been previously cited on the show for insulting remarks and apologized in episode 5 to another woman contestant, but she said, “It was the crappiest apology I’ve ever received in my life.”

Last week in episode 8, a woman contestant said, “Girls are going to take you out, Dan.”

The controversy has fostered much social media chatter and an online oddsmaker listed Foley as 7-2 to be ousted this week in episode 9.

Foley said on Tuesday that on the street he’s been accused of being a misogynist, a bully and violent toward women.

“What bothers me most is it’s not true,” Foley said Tuesday, and said people could ask his wife, Erin, his stepchildren or his tenants in Gorham.

The widely recognizable Foley, with tweed cap and a beard, described criticism leveled at him as unfair. “People are screaming at me on the street,” Foley said, “I’m getting killed.”

Bob Crowley, the 2008 “Survivor” winner, believes Foley’s TV performance is being unfairly edited. Crowley, a retired Gorham High School physics teacher, said Tuesday the Dan Foley he’s seeing on TV is not the Dan Foley he knows.

“I really think he’s getting a bad edit,” Crowley said. “He’s a much nicer guy.”

Foley is watching the episodes for the first time at his viewing parties.

“I feel bad for Dan,” Crowley said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

Weekly viewing parties Foley has hosted at area restaurants have attracted hundreds of followers. Last week, the crowd at Thatcher’s “oohed” when he fell during a challenge, and then yelled, “Come on, Dan. Yeah.”

Foley said Tuesday he “seriously” thought about canceling this week’s party. But party plans went on.

The gregarious Foley has been a hit at the parties as he circulates from table to table greeting and posing for photos with fans. Partygoers arrive early for the showings.

Last week, Dale Wentworth of Washington state, a “Survivor” contestant last season, attended Foley’s party.

“I still owe him a Sam Adams,” Wentworth said soon after arriving.

Wentworth paid with a brew. Wentworth, a Seattle Seahawks fan and wearing a shirt emblazoned with a Seahawks logo, lost his football beer bet with Foley when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, defeating the Seahawks.

Cindy Willey of Portland had a photo op with Foley, who is a friend. Willey wished Foley would “tone it down” a bit on the show.

“He’s got the ability to win,” Willey said.

Bob Tevanian of Portland has been a fan of the reality show since its inception and roots for Foley this season.

“I hope he wins,” Tevanian, who recently met Foley in Portland’s Old Port, said last week. “I love his personality. He’s got great people skills.”

Before last week’s party kicked off, Foley addressed the Thatcher’s party from the stage and urged followers to tip waitresses well and enjoy the night.

“My wife puts up with all this insanity,” Foley told the partygoers.

Dan Foley of Gorham keeps his balance during a “Survivor” challenge seen on the April 8 episode.Photo courtesy of CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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