I liked the proposal that Tex Haeuser, South Portland city planner, has made regarding the possibility of a solar array being installed on a closed landfill (“Maine solar energy advocates stand behind incentives,” April 17).

With the cost of electricity produced by power plants using coal, oil or natural gas constantly increasing, what better use of solar is there than to supply electricity with it?

Utility companies like Emera and Central Maine Power should be using their research and development resources to head in this direction. No pollution, no carbon emissions, no detriment to the ozone layer.

The solar fields do not have to be installed on closed landfills; there are plenty of places available for installation – even close to metropolitan areas. No additional traditional overhead lines need be added!

This could happen if the Maine Public Utilities Commission became proactive and promoted this concept. Individuals wouldn’t be installing their own solar systems.

The argument against solar power seems to be that individual use leaves the utility companies with fewer customers – but allowing the installation of a community-level solar array would prevent that.

Estelle Wellman