Global warming story appreciated

I write to compliment the paper for its reporting on Senator King’s recent address on ice fishing and climate change. This attention to environmental issues is critically important to all the citizens of Maine, because our planet, after all, is our only home and needs protection.

Other than global nuclear war, nothing now known threatens and endangers our survival than the myriad of environmental issues placing growing threats to our biosphere. Many of us have grown accustomed to the explosion of scientific advances in recent decades and act like there will be some magic remedy or technological “pill” that will make everything better. ??This serendipitous view of our planet and its societies is unwise at best, for science is about seeking the ultimate truth in all that affects the biosphere in which we live.

Further, as informed citizens we need to urge our political leaders to act more intelligently and seek reliable and appropriate scientific counsel to learn more about the silent threats that affect mankind’s very existence. Selective use of science to support ones’ parochial and self-indulging views is not a trait of true leadership. ????Demand more from those who profess to serve the public’s environmental best interests.??

Ray Whittemore


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