I am a small-business owner in Sanford, and I am concerned that our governor and legislators are not considering the total impact of the proposed 6 percent sales tax on services.

I have talked with quite a few other small-business owners, who, like me, only provide a service or labor, and we don’t see how this new tax is “business friendly.”

Currently, we do not have to file a sales tax return. But with either the Democratic or Republican budget, we will have to file one, either monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on the total of service fees received, creating more paperwork and expense.

We will either have to ask for the 6 percent tax or raise our labor rates to cover the added expense. I am concerned that small businesses in places where competition is strong will absorb the added expense, and it will come out of their bottom line.

Have they considered what this is going to do to all the communities within 50 miles of the New Hampshire border? We small-business owners know we will lose business to New Hampshire businesses that do not collect any sales taxes of any kind.

It doesn’t sound to me like “Maine is Open for Business!”

Patty Kidder