Prosecutors have charged both drivers involved in a road rage incident in February that ended with one vehicle submerged in the icy water of the Crooked River in Casco.

The Feb. 23 crash involved a red pickup truck and a silver sport utility vehicle traveling west on Route 302 near the Naples-Casco town line. The vehicles collided as they approached a bridge and the SUV drove off the road, went airborne and fell into the river. Its three occupants got out of the vehicle and swam to shore.

Authorities charged the driver of the pickup, Dustin Kilburn, 26, who lives on Heritage Hill Road in Naples, with two counts of driving to endanger, according to court documents obtained Thursday by WCSH-TV. Kilburn is accused of driving his vehicle in a manner that endangered other people or their property.

Prosecutors have also charged the driver of the SUV, Emmanuel Ticas, 23, of Pleasant Street in Conway, New Hampshire, with leaving the scene of an accident.

One of Ticas’ passengers, Devon Heard, told the Portland Press Herald shortly after the crash that Kilburn had slammed on his brakes in front of the SUV, causing it to run into his rear bumper. Ticas refused to stop because Kilburn was screaming and the SUV occupants did not feel safe, Heard said.

The two vehicles continued on Route 302 until the collision. The SUV then crossed the eastbound travel lane, struck snow piled against the bridge guardrail and went airborne before landing on the frozen river below. The vehicle landed upright, but broke through the ice and sank.

A security video shows the two vehicles moments before the crash. They appear to be traveling side by side even though Route 302 in that area has only one lane in each direction. A full breakdown lane runs beside the travel lane, but tapers off quickly and disappears as the road crosses the bridge over the river.

At the time, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said that Kilburn remained at the scene following the collision. Ticas, Heard and another passenger, Kayla Carpenter, all were transported to Bridgton Hospital for treatment of minor injuries and hypothermia.

Driving to endanger and leaving the scene of an accident are both misdemeanors.

Kilburn and Ticas were issued summons on Thursday. They are both scheduled to appear in court on June 10.

Dennis Hoey contributed to this story