Maine State Police seized 10 guns Tuesday from a Gray man who is a convicted felon.

Troy Babb, 49, of Town Farm Road, was summoned on charges of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, making a false statement on an application for a concealed handgun permit, and fraudulently obtaining a hunting license. Babb will make his first court appearance on the charges in Portland next month.

Seized from Babb’s house and pickup were seven rifles and shotguns, and three handguns. Nine of the guns were in a locked room in his house and a handgun was recovered from his truck.

Babb has two felony convictions from the 1990s that are motor-vehicle related. Convicted felons are not allowed to possess guns.

Babb had applied for a concealed-weapons permit from state police and his felony convictions were discovered as a result of that background check