The Cleveland Cavaliers apologized Thursday for an insensitive video that aired on the scoreboard during Wednesday night’s playoff game depicting a man throwing a woman across the room.

The video, a spoof on a popular commercial for a health insurance company, is set to the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack. In the original commercial, the woman surprises her husband by jumping into the air and they both fall onto the kitchen table and break it after he can’t hold her up.

In the Cavs’ version, the man catches the woman when she leaps into the air but then spins and throws her to the ground because she’s wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey.

As the woman is shown on the ground holding her injured arm and leg, a voiceover says: “When it’s playoff basketball time, you have to be all in. So don’t make the same mistake she made.”

The Cavs’ slogan for this playoff run is “All In.” The one-minute segment ends with the woman holding an ice bag on her head and wearing a Cavs T-shirt as she says, “I’m all in now, let’s just watch the game.”

The video angered viewers on social media Thursday and prompted a response from the advocacy group UltraViolet, an online community of more than 600,000 men and women who fight sexism in the public and private sector.

“The Cleveland Cavaliers should be ashamed of themselves,” UltraViolet said in a statement. “If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that domestic violence is a very serious issue in America – three women die each and every day as a result of domestic abuse. With a national epidemic of violence against women, we simply cannot afford to have the NBA condone this kind of violence. The Cavaliers need to make this right. Whoever is responsible for this video should be fired immediately.”

In their apology, the Cavs cited their lengthy history of supporting domestic violence-related causes.