Mind control aimed at us, by someone who continues to lose his: The Guvnah, once again, has opened his mouth and spoke out against something he backed.

In his first term in Augusta he appointed Joseph Ponte as the commissioner of the Department of Corrections, who, I’m sure, during his appointment must have cost the state of Maine hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, between Ponte’s wages and the necessitated overtime paid out.

And this put us all in a serious position because of all of the cuts Ponte made to the department; in short, overworked and overtired staff trying to cover all of the needed hours in the prison system.

Now the Guvnah has come out in the Portland Press Herald (“LePage wants to divert corrections board funds to give raises to corrections officers,” May 7), claiming, as a reporter summarized, that the DOC is “ineffective and unaccountable,” a situation in which his appointment of Ponte to the position was a major factor.

Many left their positions because of Ponte (who, if you remember, walked off the job for a position in New York, without even giving the Guv a pat on his head).

So, Guv, I suggest you look in a different mirror, not the one you ask, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” that shows YOU in a good way. Find one that gives a true reflection.

Douglas Murphy