Re: “Maine Voices: Bill to let DHHS write abortion rules would limit access, endanger women” (May 28):

I was confused and dismayed by Dr. Peter Manning’s column regarding L.D. 1312, “An Act to License Outpatient Surgical Abortion Facilities.” His remarks contained misleading and deceptive wrong information and personal opinion.

Dr. Manning writes, “If the Maine Legislature wants to advance women’s health, it should pass measures that will expand access to reproductive health care, which will provide women with the tools they need to avoid an unintended pregnancy.”

Webster’s defines “avoid” as “to prevent the occurrence of.”

I’m not a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, chair of the Maine Section of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a University of Vermont Medical School graduate, like Dr. Manning is. But I am a woman who understands the physiology of my body and knows that once a pregnancy occurs, there is no preventing it.

Using a form of birth control or not engaging in activity that may lead to pregnancy would be ways to “avoid” it.

The purpose of L.D. 1312 is to expand the licensing authority of the department’s Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services to establish reasonable operational and safety standards for surgical abortion facilities.

It goes on to include inspections of these facilities in order to verify compliance with state laws, regulations and rules, and investigation into complaints concerning patient care and safety.

Dr. Manning equates establishing operational and safety standards for patient care with restricting “access to safe, legal abortion through the creation of rules and regulations.”

To be the practicing physician that he is, Dr. Manning has to comply with state laws, rules and regulations. Does this restrict his patients from receiving safe, legal services from him?

Dr. Manning sees L.D. 1312 not as protecting women’s health, “but, in fact, putting women at risk.” I couldn’t disagree more.

Ruthanne Fisher