It seems that our current governor thinks he is king!

He got the seat basically by default. He had less than half of the popular vote, which was by no means a real victory.

If it had not been for two opponents, who split the votes, he would be cooling his heels somewhere other than Augusta. He is the one playing games.

As governor he is supposed to do as the people wish, not drum up idiotic excuses to do as he wishes. We need the revenue sharing for our towns and cities. Otherwise we will see our real estate taxes go so high that we will lose our homes.

Gov. LePage would like to make changes to the state tax system that would put our state into the same “fix” that Kansas is in.

Kansas is in such heavy debt that it will take many years for them to become solvent again. We don’t need this type of trouble for Maine. We don’t need the drastic changes that he wishes.

I urge our Legislature to do what is right, defeat his plans and override any vetoes!

It is time for the people of Maine to take back our state. Gov. LePage can be impeached by the Legislature.

Dorothy Burgess