Two pieces in the June 9 Press Herald – “Maine Voices: MaineCare mental health cuts create more potential for violent tragedies” and “Letter to the editor: Playground-style threats in State Capitol need to stop” – clearly point out important factors for Maine regarding where the focus and attention is for its citizens.

As Steven C. Pomelow points out in his letter, those in Augusta need to get their job done for the best interest of citizens who elected them, who rely on their decision-making skills.

There is much more state reimbursement for medical treatment to people who are deemed to be in imminent need, yet, as pointed out in the Maine Voices op-ed: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

With that outlook, reimbursement for mental health services is more of a proactive-type approach to providing services. It empowers citizens accordingly to help out with preventive care for themselves.

Insurers, including but not limited to MaineCare, need to understand and accept that mental health services are paramount for the health and best interest of human beings.

As for professionals/citizens relying on strong leadership, strong health care and career opportunities with reimbursable funds, going elsewhere may become more than practical for living the American Dream.

Greg R. Stacy