Cutting Meals on Wheels out of our budget is a travesty and another demonstration of how little understanding our governor has about what is “fat” in the line items he can cut.

As a nurse who has delivered these meals, I can attest to the need to continue to feed our Maine residents.

Meals go to people who are elderly and live alone, who have chronic illness that requires the use of oxygen 24/7, a walker and chronic back pain, or cancer, or heart disease, which can prevent them from being able to breathe long enough to stand to make a sandwich, let alone a meal.

The option to get out and shop is out of the question, and for many this is their best meal of the day.

Visiting a patient recently, I was informed that bread has been cut from the meals they receive, so now they’re given two desserts. What kind of substitute is that in the face of rampant illness in our country, with obesity as a contributing factor?

While these meals may not be the type of food some of its recipients would choose to eat daily, it may be the only food they eat daily, similarly to the meals some of our children get in schools.

How can Paul LePage go to sleep after his good meal at the end of the day when many of the Maine people he is supposed to represent may now have to go hungry because of his ignorance?

Cutting food out of people’s lives – what will be next? Not feeding our children in schools?

Marla Sax

South Portland