This is regarding your July 4 editorial, “Our View: Portland City Council should approve $10.10 minimum wage.”

You would think that the state of Maine and its municipalities would be finding ways to boost the number of jobs and decrease the number of General Assistance claims. Why do we continue to push for a job-killing increase in the minimum wage? Good question!

Voters tell legislators, “Don’t just stand there, do something.” Quick, what’s the easiest thing we can do? We can raise the minimum wage, so we can all feel better and go home.

Let’s look at some facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

 In Washington, D.C., where the minimum wage is $10.50, unemployment is 7.3 percent.

In Connecticut, with a $9.15 minimum wage, unemployment is 6 percent.


In Rhode Island, with a minimum wage of $9, the joblessness rate is 5.9 percent.

In New York City, where the minimum wage is $8.75, joblessness is 6.1 percent.

In Maine, with a $7.50 minimum wage, unemployment is 4.7 percent.

In Portland, where the minimum is $7.50, the unemployment rate is 3.6 percent.

Now, do we really want a $10 minimum wage and more unemployment?

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