The nuclear agreement is a profound diplomatic achievement negotiated between Iran and world powers. This will deter Iran from nuclear weapons, and it sets up a model for change in the Middle East.

It comes after 35 years of disconnect between the U.S. and Iran, and hopefully it will lead to more constructive communication.

There have been too many years of Middle East war, too many tries at regime change. This exemplary accomplishment has been worked out without either.

Now we look to a different model for preserving life and dignity, a greater hope for dialogue and negotiation between factions and countries.

For all the continued opposition, complaints, resistance and mistrust, no one has a preferable alternative. Listen not to the voices of warmongers and regime changers but to the voices of statesmen and women.

We have an unprecedented agreement achieved through statesmanship. So much more can be accomplished with a commitment to look for solutions, to negotiate on each question, to leave aside condemnation and look for points of accord.

There is great value here. Our elected officials in Washington must be held accountable to support this agreement to prevent nuclear weapons development. They must not take us to war by destroying it. There is no constructive alternative.

Grace Braley