Please consider boycotting the Nickelodeon Cinemas in Portland until it takes some action to secure the safety of its young and underpaid employees.

On Tuesday night, when my daughter was the only employee up front, a man showed a gun and robbed the cash drawer (“Portland’s Nickelodeon Cinemas robbed at gunpoint,” Aug. 5). It was the third attack this year.

When the theater was robbed Jan. 8, my daughter told me, management did nothing to improve security – no extra staffing, no security cameras, no guard.

When the theater was robbed again April 2, management again did nothing.

They might as well put a sign up in the poster display that invites robbers to come clean them out. Employees are often scheduled to work alone, and the theater is clearly an easy target.

Management continues to act irresponsibly by taking no action to prevent more of these attacks. So I invite the public to stop supporting this theater until it improves security and publicly apologizes for its lack of concern for its employees’ safety.

Susan Wall


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