Since there seems to be a lot of speculation about the motivations of various candidates I thought it would help to make my position clear. Something I’ve been doing privately in recent days and weeks.

I do not think anyone should vote for any candidate based on any single issue. And I know people to continue to believe that’s my agenda, but I will say I currently am supporting at least one incumbent who did not support my cause. However, I believe my role as a person who loves Biddeford is to zoom out and look at the big picture. When I do, I believe this person is thoughtful, smart and thinks holistically about the city. Exactly, what we need.

Further, I’ve spoken with candidates who I felt might be running primarily on the stuff I’ve been involved in to convey the same sentiment. At least one person chose not to run as a result. And I can say with 100-percent confidence I don’t know of a single candidate running to be an “axe grinder” on this issue. Including my mom, who I think will get the most scrutiny. Using her as an example, through attending meetings she was inspired to dig in to all issues and realized we can and must do a better job managing this city.

I would encourage everyone to have an open mind and before making assumptions, take the time to sit down with candidates before forming an opinion.

There has been a lot of turmoil. But I think we all can agree at least we’ve found ourself in a place where people are participating in the democratic process and hopefully there will be a large turnout where the best candidates win.

Onward and upward. The future is bright for Biddeford.

Matt Lauzon
Boston, Mass.