Claudia Viles has resigned from her position as Anson tax collector after the Maine Municipal Association, which insures the town, told town officials it could not provide bonding for any money she handled.

After receiving the notification from the MMA, the Board of Selectmen told Viles she would no longer be allowed to handle money, since it is illegal to collect taxes without bonding, said selectmen’s Chairman Arnold Luce.

Viles resigned and the decision went into effect Thursday, Luce said. A phone call to Viles’ home was not immediately returned Monday.

Administrative Assistant Tammy Murray has been appointed by the board to serve as tax collector until March, Luce said. He said she is certified with the state as a tax collector and previously held the position in the town of Madison.

Viles’ resignation comes about a week after she was indicted by a Somerset County grand jury on 13 counts related to tax fraud at the town office. She is facing charges of theft, failure to make and file state income tax returns, failure to file or pay state income taxes and tampering with public records.

The charges are the result of an investigation by the Office of the Maine Attorney General into $438,712 in missing excise tax funds.

Viles has not commented on the criminal charges and, in a civil lawsuit the town has filed against her, has denied allegations she took the money.

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