I read the Sept. 12 article about Sen. Eric Brakey’s car being booted (“Lawmaker ‘booted’ in Portland wants to regulate parking companies statewide”) and was amazed at his reaction. Why does he believe Maine needs to have a law to be more specific about when the maximum fee is charged?

First of all, it is a Portland issue, not a state issue. More importantly, our government at all levels has gone too far in adding legislation requiring companies to better define what can result from using their products or services.

It is time for every person to take more responsibility for their own actions. If everyone who uses the parking facilities took individual responsibility to get back to their vehicle on time and either increase the time they contract for or move the car, there would be no issue of how much is charged for removal of the boot.

We need to stop providing cover for people who ignore their own actions (or, in this case, lack of action). All Sen. Brakey had to do was return to his car in time.

If he had, no new legislation would be required, and the Maine Legislature could spend their time focused on what they are elected to do.

Steve Wiener