Re: “Booting of cars in parking company’s lots kicks up a storm in Portland” (Sept. 11):

My home address is Florida, but I am a Maine homeowner who resides here for four months during the summer. One of the reasons I do not spend more time enjoying Portland’s waterfront and Old Port attractions is parking problems.

Why would a city like Portland not promote parking that is hassle-free and tourist-friendly for its many businesses?

Unified Parking Partners is using private business parking lots in the evening, after the business closes, to make money. The booting of cars that overstay hourly rates is nothing but detrimental to the city of Portland’s image.

I frequently attend Portland Sea Dogs baseball games. I am able to park for a flat $5 fee, without hourly restrictions, in the Maine Medical Center lot off Congress Street.

I do not have to worry about returning to my car within a specific hourly time slot, and I know the car will be safe and available after a Sea Dogs game finishes.

Portland is a great city that has much to offer. However, Portland does not have mass transit to the extent that bigger cities have available. Therefore, tourists must use their autos to visit most of what is available in Portland. That means that reasonable, safe, hassle-free parking should be available.

Allowing a business such as Unified Parking Partners, under the business model they currently employ, is nothing but detrimental to downtown Portland and its businesses.

Mike Hoctor