Witnesses said a hit-and-run driver damaged three cars Thursday when his white Jeep Cherokee slammed into a parked car on Market Street in downtown Portland, shoving it up onto the sidewalk, before backing up and ramming another parked car on the other side of the street.

“I saw my car go flying up on the sidewalk,” said Ginette Labonville, a waitress at nearby Sonny’s who was standing outside the restaurant when the car hit her 4-door Subaru at about 5:15 p.m. “He took off and I got his license number.”

No one was injured and no one was in the parked cars, she said. Her car was pushed almost entirely onto the sidewalk and came to a stop at a curb along the edge of landscaping at Post Office Park, just feet from a concrete bench.

A Saab 9000 parked in front of Labonville’s car was heavily damaged along the back, and a Kia 4-door across the street had its rear panel caved in. A front grill from the Jeep was in the street, along with debris from the damaged cars.

Police shut down Market Street between Middle and Newbury streets while they interviewed witnesses and investigated the accident.

Lori Fecteau was inside a nearby building when she heard the initial crash.

“I just heard this screeching and I came out and I saw them speeding off,” she said.