Re: “Preservationists decry demolition of Buxton’s historic Hanson School building” (Sept. 11):

Buxton school not saved by the bell. What a story! I have to agree with Meg Gardner, vice president of the Buxton-Hollis Historical Society. What a fiasco!

I started school in the old Bar Mills School. I moved on to the newer Jack Memorial, and then to Buxton Center School, about 100 yards from the Samuel D. Hanson School, where I attended high school for two years before going to Bonny Eagle when School Administrative District 6 began.

I have lots of fond memories of the Hanson School – mainly of the squeaky stairs and the old wooden desks, with the chairs and desks bolted to the floor, and the smaller classes of just Buxton students.

Then-Buxton Code Enforcement Officer Fred Farnham said in June that the building was a fire and safety hazard.

But rather than spending the estimated $170,000 to demolish it, the SAD 6 school board could have spent that money in an attempt to fix it up and save it and then have a fundraiser to complete it.

As it is, they lost all of that money and a historical landmark! Great thinking on their part.

Lindley Deering