We seem to be plagued with politicians on both the right and the left who consider the legality of a given action to be the sole determinant of its propriety.

Now we learn that Rep. Bruce Poliquin is agreeing to have his campaign platform vetted for approval by parties outside of Maine.

Legal? I suppose that the lawyers will decide. We know already that Mr. Poliquin avoided paying his full share of property taxes by applying a tax loophole intended for commercial foresters. Here, again, the defense was that he did nothing illegal.

We all know that something can be legal but also unethical. Why should we be compelled to ignore the distinction?

Surely the good people of the 2nd District, particularly the majority who did not vote for Mr. Poliquin, deserve an elected representative who can respond to their agenda without needing prior approval from unknown corporate sponsors.

Mark A. Krogman