Supporters of Question 1 on the statewide ballot claim it will increase transparency and accountability and return power to the people.

This is hogwash. Have you noticed they don’t list their top donors on their ads? Sheer hypocrisy.

Question 1 has nothing to do with returning control to the Maine people. The people already have power in the form of their vote.

How does the proposed near-tripling of funding to candidates take big money out of politics? Even fuzzy math will tell you it does not. The big money spent in politics is PAC spending, which Question 1 will have no effect on.

Legislators just ended a session and left many on waiting lists for critical at-home services, and the state has never come close to funding our schools at the 55 percent level they should.

Let’s prioritize and put our schools and seniors first by voting “no” on Question 1.

Paula Sutton


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