Re: “M.D. Harmon: There’s little clean about the ‘Clean Elections’ campaign” (Oct. 23):

In his commentary on the Clean Elections referendum, M.D. Harmon either totally misses the point of Clean Elections or intentionally misleads us about the need for it.

The reason that some people who want to run for office cannot raise enough funds is that the people who support him or her are not rich. They cannot afford to donate their own money.

In our current system, only positions that benefit the rich ever get to be heard. It has nothing to do with competence or praiseworthiness of the candidate. Just money. And that is corrupting our democracy.

There is nothing ludicrous about wanting the marketplace of ideas open to all positions, rather than just those that are supported by the rich.

That is what the Clean Elections referendum is all about. Please vote “yes” on Question 1.

Nancy O’Hagan


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