Elections shouldn’t be a game of “American Idol” for wealthy Americans, with millionaires and billionaires picking and choosing which candidates can run for office. They should be about politicians listening to their constituents and everyday people having their voices heard.

On Nov. 3, Mainers have the opportunity to make our government truly of, by and for the people by voting “yes” on statewide Question 1.

Question 1 will increase fines and penalties for candidates who break the law, create transparency by revealing who is spending to influence your vote, and encourage strict campaign finance spending and contribution limits.

Simply put, this bipartisan initiative will add accountability and transparency to our elections and make sure that everyone has a voice.

Our democracy shouldn’t be a game show for the wealthiest among us. Question 1 would make sure politicians are working for us, not their big donors and lobbyists.

Chris Hafford


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