I am not anti-anything (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, etc.), but to allow refugees who mostly belong to a religion whereby some fanatical members wish to kill and commit suicide is not in our best interest, long-term. If only a dozen or so of these refugees become militants, that is still too many in our country. We just cannot take that chance.

I do applaud President Obama for his concerns for others, but I feel we will regret this years down the road. If by chance refugees do come into the U.S., they should be put on reservations and guarded. We put American Indians on reservations years ago, and we should do the same here.

Also, I hate it when the news media make headlines using words like “mastermind,” “sophisticated,” “guru,” etc. This emboldens younger males to join such a so-called “sophisticated” unit to cause harm.

Also, the news media should not post photos of murderers and what they say to the public. These ragtag killers rely on the media to get their messages out to younger males. Drastic times require drastic measures.

These radical Muslims will be there for a very long time, and dying is an honor for them. Look at World War II: The Japanese loved their emperor and committed suicide attacks as kamikaze pilots. They were a different people, and a few people of Muslim faiths are different also.

We just cannot take those chances, and we should ban anyone from coming into our country from those countries with radical views. I do feel bad for the women and children caught up in this mess, but we need to protect our own citizens first and always.

Bill Perreault