In last Tuesday’s editorial (“Our View: LePage exploits fear with Syrian refugee ban”), you opined that Gov. LePage and the far right in general – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, et al. – are fear mongering when they spew their anti-immigrant rhetoric regarding Syrian and other Middle Eastern people entering our country.

As you said, attempting to block specific ethnicities from emigrating here is “ridiculous.”

I suggest it is far worse and much more insidious: It is pure and blatant racism. The very same Constitution on which these men want to stand to ensure that there are guns in every house and pocket does not permit the hatred they seek to turn into policy.

Let us not dissemble when tens of thousands of lives are at stake. This country is already gravely remiss in its duty to refugees fleeing the atrocities of war, going all the way back to our refusal to admit Jews fleeing the Nazis until 1944, when Franklin Roosevelt mercifully worked to reverse that position, held by both Republicans and Southern Democrats.

Judith L. Eycleshymer