After hearing about the terrorist attack in Paris, you have to ask yourself: Why keep pushing for peace?

The state of the world nowadays is just sad. Despite desperation for countries to get along, nothing has changed. It grows worse by the day.

With the current president of the U.S., it always seems the same every time any type of attack happens in the world: condolences for lives lost, but no real plan for action.

People are getting tired of our government seemingly backing down when faced with attackers. We want justice, not talks. This country used to lead and be strong. Now we seem weak, afraid.

I applaud France for fighting back. I do feel sorry for the attack victims and their families, and the citizens of Paris.

I just can’t grasp how these monsters keep getting what appear to be slaps on the wrist. How many more innocent people have to suffer?

Jennifer Jimino

Mechanic Falls