A man was shot and killed Tuesday night by a Bangor police officer, the police chief said.

The Maine Attorney General’s Office is investigating, as it does all officer-involved shootings.

The shooting happened around 6 p.m. after the officer stopped a car near Leadbetters, a gas station and convenience store at 1105 Hammond St., WCSH-TV reported.

Bangor Police Chief Mark Hathaway said at a press conference that the driver of the car got out and ran toward a wooded area. The police officer chased the man and fired at him.

“The individual that ran is deceased. The officer was not injured,” Hathaway said.

Ryan Wylie, who witnessed the incident, told WCSH-TV that after the person ran off he heard about 12 gunshots.

After the shooting, police were seen leading a woman away in handcuffs, the TV station reported. She had been a passenger in the car with the man who was shot.

Bangor police were not releasing any other details regarding the identity of the officer involved in the shooting or the circumstances that led up to the incident.

Detectives from the AG’s Office are required by law to investigate any use of deadly force by a police officer.