Two cows each were killed by a single arrow to the chest last month in a field off Savage Road in Richmond, police said Tuesday.

Police are seeking the public’s help in the investigation into what is believed to be the intentional killing of the cows by someone using a compound bow or crossbow.

Richmond Police Chief Scott MacMaster on Tuesday released a photo of a pickup truck that may be connected to the killing of a pair of Holsteins on Nov. 19 just outside the gate of their pasture. The cows’ owner, Daria Goggins, found the carcasses around 3:30 p.m.

MacMaster said both animals were shot in the chest. MacMaster said police want to talk to anyone who noticed hunters in the area using a crossbow or compound bow.

“There aren’t a whole lot of folks who venture out with crossbows,” he said.

MacMaster said the type of weapon that was used, and the fact that both animals were hit in the chest, leads him to believe that the shootings were intentional.

Police also are looking for anyone who noticed a 2000 green Dodge 2500 pickup truck with extended cab and tinted rear widows on Nov. 19-20 on Savage, Alexander Reed or Langdon roads.

“We’re not looking for help locating it,” MacMaster said. “We’re just looking to see if they saw it.”

He noted that the killings occurred during the recent deer hunting season, when it is common to see vehicles left parked by hunters beside the road or in fields.

MacMaster asked anyone with information to call Richmond police at 737-8518.