I am deeply disappointed by Gov. LePage’s decision to privatize the operation of the Casco Bay Bridge (“Maine seeks bids to privatize operation and maintenance of Casco Bay Bridge,” Oct. 30).

When he should be supporting Maine workers, he instead is opening the door to out-of-state companies. Our taxpayer dollars would be going to a for-profit corporation rather than supporting Maine workers who have already proven themselves.

The current employees who oversee the operation of the Casco Bay Bridge are hardworking Mainers who have extensive training in properly operating the bridge and maintaining its safety. When a company’s primary motive is profit, will they cut corners, ignore safety precautions and pay low wages and cut benefits just to save a few dollars?

Saving money at the expense of its workers is not right.

This decision is not good for Maine, and it is not good for Maine workers.

Donna Doore

Democratic state representative