The ACLU lawsuit demanding that abortion be funded under Maine Care is nothing more than a sneaky maneuver to force taxpayers to pay for the murder of innocent unborn children.

If this lawsuit is successful, people with sincerely held moral objections to abortion will be forced to pay for them, and that is unconscionable. I really wish abortion advocates would stop referring to it as health care, because it is not. Not only does it end a life, it ruins a woman’s life as well. With all the science proving the humanity of the unborn child, and science showing how early life begins, how can we even remotely think abortion is OK?

Also, the Press Herald’s bias is showing in that you didn’t bother to quote anybody opposed to the lawsuit except for Gov. LePage’s spokeswoman, Adrienne Bennett. Did you even bother to ask such groups as the Maine Heritage Center or even the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland for their take on this? In future, please give an equal hearing to the opposing side of an issue.

Sarah MacConney