Edward D. Murphy’s report (“Mainers spent more last year, but with their usual frugality, new federal figures show,” Dec. 2) provided many economic facts to consider.

Of course, averages are tremendously misleading. Can the numbers described as “per capita” possibly be true? Are the numbers actually “per household”? Is an average number used for defining a household?

The costs to households for health care seem particularly significant. How do the political decisions to refuse federal funds for the expansion of MaineCare and to change the household eligibility standard for MaineCare affect these spending statistics?

What is the comparison of health care expenses in states that expanded Medicaid as opposed to those states that refused?

Personally, I discovered that our household of three seniors (two with disabilities) on fixed incomes would have qualified for Medicare Part B coverage in 2013, but did not qualify in 2014 because the Maine Department of Health and Human Services changed the income eligibility standard.

Robert Libby

Chebeague Island