Re: “Re-creating Bethlehem brings people together” (Nov. 30):

Re-creating Bethlehem is possible in the Camden area because there is very little diversity and integration. Christmas is celebrated with notably less interference from different peoples and beliefs. Every year, my family, children, grandchildren and old folks visit the area of Rockport, Rockland and Camden to enjoy the season with people who feel the same way they do.

My hometown frowns on saying things out loud, “Christmas” being one. Displays of a joyous or religious nature, which are part of our heritage (at least mine), are attacked by disgruntled people who feel offended by this awful scene.

A presidential candidate who promises that it will be OK to wish a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Yuletide” to people gets my vote. Which I am sure makes me a bad person. Which I believe is an upgrade.

Greg Locke