Re: “LePage may face reprimand after oversight panel accepts report in Eves case” (Dec. 3):

Well, the sharks in Augusta think they smell blood, and the feeding frenzy is on. Reprimand! Impeach! Prison!

Let us press the pause button and review the facts without the anti-LePage bias.

It’s reasonable to infer that Good Will-Hinckley overlooked House Speaker Mark Eves’ anti-charter school history and dubious credentials because they wanted a politically connected president to keep the state funds flowing. Sure, there might be some unpleasantness with Gov. LePage still in office, but that was a temporary problem.

They miscalculated. The governor could have said nothing and simply allocated his discretionary funds to another worthy recipient. But the domino effect of defunding Good Will-Hinckley could have jeopardized its existence. Instead, LePage gave the administrators the opportunity to reconsider their decision, and they had the good sense to do so.

If LePage played hardball, his opponents have responded in kind, with sanctimonious political theater and a frivolous lawsuit. I suspect the grand finale to this opera will be highly anticlimactic. Wake me when it’s over.

Jack Ridge