Disney World and Disneyland recently announced that they are discontinuing the sale of toy guns at their parks in Florida and California and are no longer allowing these items to be brought in.

Forty years ago, I went to Disney World in Florida with my two young children. My daughter wanted to bring back Tigger; my son – a rifle!

I fought for two days with my ex in an attempt to explain that no child needs to play with a gun, but I lost the argument in the end. The only good part was that the toy rifle had to be shipped separately from luggage.

Looking back, I knew as a parent that I was right in not introducing any toys considered violent into the lives of my children, but I realized that playing “Free to Be … You and Me” by Marlo Thomas also did not sit well with my ex.

I’ve been happily divorced for 35 years, but more importantly, I’m happy that Disney World has opened its eyes to what the real world of a child should encompass. Too bad it has taken 40 years to educate the company.

Dorothy Tweer